* additional fee for In & Out Grooming * Please Call For Details

* Walk In Services: * Nail Trims = $12 * Dremel = $14

* Teeth Brushing = $10 * Glands = $10 

* In & Out Grooming Service Available 

Professional Pet Grooming

 & Self Serve Dog Wash

* Self Serve Dog Wash Prices: Dogs Under 15" = $14 * Dogs Over 15" = $18

First Come First Serve * Last Wash Starts @ 5:00pm

*Starting Prices For All Dog & Cat Grooming

*All Grooming Appointments include:

Nails, Glands & Complimentary Bandana

*Due to the number of variables, we are unable to guarantee a price over the phone.

*We can however, give an estimate based on your informed, accurate description of the breed, size and condition of your dogs coat like if there is any of the following: Matting, Double or Triple coats & haircutting or trimming.

*Please call with any questions or if you would like to make an appointment.

*Note: We usually book "a week or 2" in advance, so please call early.